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Winter Sonata

on February 21, 2012

If you’re really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts. -YuJin #WinterSonata

Take a deep look..it is so beautiful in here..why live in the shadow world only with memories. -MinHyung #WinterSonata

Search no more..for the man that i love isnt the one in the memory but the man thats standing right here infront of me. -YuJin#WinterSonata

I thot he was jun sang, i just took one look and i knew…with just feeling you can tell. -SangHyuk’s Father #WinterSonata

Let me tell you how to make friends…left foot..right foot..left foot..right foot..slowly step by step. -YuJin #WinterSonata

The ten years time he spent with you…it is impossible to only move two steps during those times. -MinHyung #WinterSonata

When someone dies, the world continues spinning but there’s one person less. -YuJin #WinterSonata

You haven’t truly loved some one, have you? That’s why you can talk so casually. -YuJin #WinterSonata

Someone like you would never understand. Is it so wrong to feel the pain of losing someone. -YuJin #WinterSonata

All the time in the world can’t erase my memories. A person you bury in your heart, you can never forget. -YuJin’s mother #WinterSonata

You don’t have to have a reason for missing someone. -YuJin#WinterSonata

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