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City Hunter

on February 20, 2012

I know better than anyone that every single day is a war for you & every moment is a struggle, so how can I lean on you? -Nana #CityHunter

I’m going to become someone that you can lean on. I’m going to become stronger. So I can protect you. -Nana #CityHunter

Coming to like someone in life… I never imagined it even once. -YunSung#CityHunter

But, now that I think about how hard it would be for you if something were to happen to me.. -YunSung #CityHunter

I can’t take it. The memories between you and me… I don’t want to leave any behind. -YunSung #CityHunter

Kim Nana, I like you. But, I don’t have the confidence to let you go. That’s why, you let go of me first. -YunSung #CityHunter

My feelings are my own..I never forced them on you. -Nana #CityHunter

If u still wanna push me away, then at least date someone good enough that I can accept it. I’ll get properly jealous then -Nana #CityHunter

I’m sorry for having you know me, for making you waver. Why my father told me not to love..I fully understand now. -YunSung #CityHunter

You make me resent and blame myself. You’re someone who makes me regret. You’re like a nightmare. I dont wanna remember -YunSung#CityHunter

Go back to the time when you didnt know me. Go back & meet a man better than me & live a happy life everyday. -YunSung #CityHunter

Forget a punk like me and live happily. Please live that way. -YunSung#CityHunter

After it all ends, can’t you tell me once that you will come back to me? -Nana #CityHunter

Don’t be afraid of the shadows..because not far from you is light. -YoungJoo #CityHunter

Even though you’re weird&talk harshly, I like u. I know, Im not your type, you’re not my type either. But, I still like u. -Nana #CityHunter

I always want to see you. I feel miserable now..but I want to be faithful to my feelings. -Nana #CityHunter

I didn’t have the right to catch you. Because you won the law. -YoungJoo#CityHunter

You just looked at me with sexy eyes, didn’t you? -YunSung #CityHunter

Having to point a gun at the woman that I love.. do you think I could do that without a care? -YunSung #CityHunter

Having to fight the father who lost his leg for me..how do u think I’d feel? I wanted u to think just once of me & stop -YunSung #CityHunter

I just want to live an ordinary life..happily with you. But..that was all a dream. -YunSung #CityHunter

There’s no such thing as a dime-value person in this world. Discriminating among people is cowardly and pathetic. -YunSung #CityHunter

Mom, liking somebody isn’t always a happy thing, I think. -YunSung#CityHunter

Coming here to reminisce pathetically on old memories.. I’ll do it alone. No need for you to do it too. -YunSung #CityHunter

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