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Boys Before Flower

on February 7, 2012

The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body -JanDi- #BBFquotes

Since I was with you for one whole night, tell them that I’d take responsibility of you -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

Just once…tell me that you like me. Then all of this will be over -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

If everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist? -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

U do this everytime. Whenever I try to get closer, U trample my heart like it’s nothing. Do I still mean so little to U? -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose -JanDi-#BBFquotes

Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. -JanDi- #BBFquotes

Throw away your misconception that all good girls want nice guys. -GaEul- #BBFquotes

I like you. No matter how hard I try not to like you, no matter how hard I try to erase you  my efforts are so fruitless to the extent that I get angered by it -JanDi- #BBFquotes

I cant promise her anything now. I cant tell her I’ll always make her laugh, that I’ll make her happy or to trust in me. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I don’t know when it started either. But now, I can’t be without you. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

I’d thought that it might be better to send her to U rather than stay with her when I make things so difficult for her. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

After meeting you, there’s only been one thing I wish for… for you to be happy and not cry anymore. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

There’s already someone I love. She’s the first in my life and for the rest of my life, she’ll be the only one. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I stepped back as a friend..I gave up because she was my friend’s girlfriend. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate..although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists. -YiJung- #BBFquotes

It’s not too late. It would only take one word, if you said that you like me. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose. -JanDi-#BBFquotes

If the person you love is suffering because of you, can you let her go? -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

D’most beautiful encounters’re those with handkerchiefs. They wipe away ur sweat when u’re tired & ur tears when u’re sad -JanDi-#BBFquotes

What’s so hard about love? You simply grab the other’s hand and refuse to let go. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I’ll never be able to forget you Ji Hoo Sunbae. -JanDi- #BBFquotes

I hope u will change ur thinking that commoners’ pride can be bought with money. People’s hearts can’t be bought either. -JanDi-#BBFquotes

Bcoz Jan Di’s the moon that can never leave Jun Pyo the star. Even if something happens, I’ll never let go of this moon. -JunPyo-#BBFquotes

It’s the first girl I loved since I was born. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I was going to live my life thinking I didn’t need anyone else…I keep getting greedy. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

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