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Dream High

My dream’s really beautiful as a fantasy. I wanna achieve its & I’ve been so happy to realizing this dream. -SamDong #DreamHigh

From the beginning, you’re music to me & music was you. Thats why I came this far. If you’re not there, there’s no music -SamDong#DreamHigh

Your body is like a mountain but you have the guts of an anchovie. -TeacherKang #DreamHigh

I wont give up on you. When I hit rock bottom, you & Teacher Kang were the ones who pulled me up. This time, it’s my turn. -HyeMi#DreamHigh

U know, it was so hard for me to lose weight. I couldnt eat or drink what I wanted. I nearly died & came back to life. -PilSook#DreamHigh

It is just not the song you want to sing, but it is the song you want others to listen to. -OhHyuk #DreamHigh

Emotions.. aren’t something that can change by forcing it. -JinGook#DreamHigh

There’re 2 types of happiness. 1 is a happiness that u realize after the fact & 2 is a happiness u feel in the moment. -JinGook#DreamHigh

It doesnt matter who she has in her heart. I like that girl. I like her if she likes u & I like her if she hates me. -SamDong #DreamHigh

You said before that you wouldn’t give up. That you would pull me up. Go ahead and pull me out. Please..pull me out. -SamDong#DreamHigh

If you go slowly, you can see a lot more, in more detail, than the people who go quickly. -OhHyuk #DreamHigh

I’m sorry for not taking your dream seriously. -JinGook #DreamHigh

I think loving something like crazy is potential. I saw that potential today. So trusting that potential. -OhHyuk #DreamHigh

I wanna tell them to try and fly. I don’t know how big their wings are, but I want to tell them to start. -OhHyuk #DreamHigh

Do you know what it means to become an adult? It means there’s less and less to smile about. -SamDong #DreamHigh

Mother, u lied to me. U said that heavens would only give me hardship I can handle. But that must not be true for me. -SamDong#DreamHigh

To protect someone, one must protect themselves first. -BaekHee#DreamHigh

If a dream becomes everyone’s dream, it has a possibility of becoming reality. -TeacherKang #DreamHigh

Becoming first is a lonely, tumultuous, uncertain path. -SamDong#DreamHigh

Only if you have a dream you will know, in this world there is no such thing as a foolish dream. -JinGook #DreamHigh

The brightest path may also be the lonliest. -HyeMi #DreamHigh

Try your best and prove to yourself, that the choice you made was correct. -JinGook #DreamHigh

Realize your mistakes reflect on them correct yourself and grow from them and rise to the top of your story. -TeacherKang#DreamHigh

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Winter Sonata

If you’re really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts. -YuJin #WinterSonata

Take a deep look..it is so beautiful in here..why live in the shadow world only with memories. -MinHyung #WinterSonata

Search no more..for the man that i love isnt the one in the memory but the man thats standing right here infront of me. -YuJin#WinterSonata

I thot he was jun sang, i just took one look and i knew…with just feeling you can tell. -SangHyuk’s Father #WinterSonata

Let me tell you how to make friends…left foot..right foot..left foot..right foot..slowly step by step. -YuJin #WinterSonata

The ten years time he spent with you…it is impossible to only move two steps during those times. -MinHyung #WinterSonata

When someone dies, the world continues spinning but there’s one person less. -YuJin #WinterSonata

You haven’t truly loved some one, have you? That’s why you can talk so casually. -YuJin #WinterSonata

Someone like you would never understand. Is it so wrong to feel the pain of losing someone. -YuJin #WinterSonata

All the time in the world can’t erase my memories. A person you bury in your heart, you can never forget. -YuJin’s mother #WinterSonata

You don’t have to have a reason for missing someone. -YuJin#WinterSonata

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Full House

I love you as much as the entire universe exploding, as much as the water in every ocean drying. -YoungJae #FullHouse

You can take care of her, because I’ll be taking care of you. -JiEun#FullHouse

There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. -JiEun #FullHouse

I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. -JiEun #FullHouse

When I thought I couldn’t protect you, I thought I was going to go insane. -YoungJae #FullHouse

I miss u so much. It really hurt a lot. Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I cant stop myself from going to u. -YoungJae #FullHouse

She’s someone who can find joy and hope in little things. Being with her brings me joy. -YoungJae #FullHouse

Loving someone is tiring and it hurts, but it’s not something I can stop. -YoungJae #FullHouse

She’s a kind but ordinary person. But to me she’s the most important and special person. -YoungJae #FullHouse

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I really don’t get why they all run around obsessing over a guy like you. -GyuWon #Heartstrings

You’re good looking and popular, so you think you’re pretty great, right? -GyuWon #Heartstrings

It doesn’t matter who you like, because I don’t care at all. So, you too..should stop caring about me. -LeeShin #Heartstrings

What’s with you? You judge a person by their appearance and crush them. You think you’re that cool? -GyuWon #Heartstrings

Don’t give up liking me. -LeeShin #Heartstrings

Living as a god is a hungry thing. -JoonHee #Heartstrings

It’s not good for a youngster to like taking the taxi too much. -GyuWon’s Grandpa #Heartstrings

Someone so mean, ruse and distasteful, I don’t know why they like you. There is something wrong with their eyes. -GyuWon #Heartstrings

Even if you have no interest, if an elder is talking you should listen. -SukHyun #Heartstrings

So, what if I want to do it? Once I get onto the stage I’m terrified, so what if I want to do it? -JiYoung #Heartstrings

Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I will cry in anticipation of you. -JoonHee #Heartstrings

For me, it’s more important that you’re neither hurt nor sad. Nothing else matters. -LeeShin #Heartstrings

Watching you perform happily..is more important for me. -LeeShin#Heartstrings

Don’t secretly look after me in the studio. Don’t wait for me till late at night either. -YooSoo #Heartstrings

If I ate my meal, if my leg hurts, don’t worry. Don’t do anything. Like someone that suits you, a young girl. -YoonSoo #Heartstrings

It’s good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big. -LeeShin #Heartstrings

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City Hunter

I know better than anyone that every single day is a war for you & every moment is a struggle, so how can I lean on you? -Nana #CityHunter

I’m going to become someone that you can lean on. I’m going to become stronger. So I can protect you. -Nana #CityHunter

Coming to like someone in life… I never imagined it even once. -YunSung#CityHunter

But, now that I think about how hard it would be for you if something were to happen to me.. -YunSung #CityHunter

I can’t take it. The memories between you and me… I don’t want to leave any behind. -YunSung #CityHunter

Kim Nana, I like you. But, I don’t have the confidence to let you go. That’s why, you let go of me first. -YunSung #CityHunter

My feelings are my own..I never forced them on you. -Nana #CityHunter

If u still wanna push me away, then at least date someone good enough that I can accept it. I’ll get properly jealous then -Nana #CityHunter

I’m sorry for having you know me, for making you waver. Why my father told me not to love..I fully understand now. -YunSung #CityHunter

You make me resent and blame myself. You’re someone who makes me regret. You’re like a nightmare. I dont wanna remember -YunSung#CityHunter

Go back to the time when you didnt know me. Go back & meet a man better than me & live a happy life everyday. -YunSung #CityHunter

Forget a punk like me and live happily. Please live that way. -YunSung#CityHunter

After it all ends, can’t you tell me once that you will come back to me? -Nana #CityHunter

Don’t be afraid of the shadows..because not far from you is light. -YoungJoo #CityHunter

Even though you’re weird&talk harshly, I like u. I know, Im not your type, you’re not my type either. But, I still like u. -Nana #CityHunter

I always want to see you. I feel miserable now..but I want to be faithful to my feelings. -Nana #CityHunter

I didn’t have the right to catch you. Because you won the law. -YoungJoo#CityHunter

You just looked at me with sexy eyes, didn’t you? -YunSung #CityHunter

Having to point a gun at the woman that I love.. do you think I could do that without a care? -YunSung #CityHunter

Having to fight the father who lost his leg for me..how do u think I’d feel? I wanted u to think just once of me & stop -YunSung #CityHunter

I just want to live an ordinary life..happily with you. But..that was all a dream. -YunSung #CityHunter

There’s no such thing as a dime-value person in this world. Discriminating among people is cowardly and pathetic. -YunSung #CityHunter

Mom, liking somebody isn’t always a happy thing, I think. -YunSung#CityHunter

Coming here to reminisce pathetically on old memories.. I’ll do it alone. No need for you to do it too. -YunSung #CityHunter

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Lie To Me

Just apologize,acknowledge ur mistake&sort things out properly. It isnt like he can kill a person who’s apologizing to him -SangHee #LieToMe

You could be together for a lifetime and still be unable to understand each other. -Sang Hee #LieToMe

She is a woman who does not make sense. I thought she wouldn’t give up so easily. -Ki Joon #LieToMe

It doesn’t matter if I’m humiliated. Whether you want to sue me or not, it’s up to you. I will accept it. -AhJung #LieToMe

It doesn’t feel right that my possession is in the hands of a stranger. -AhJung #LieToMe

If you’re afraid then you shouldn’t be here. Just go out & spend your money & play around. Why be such a headache? -MyungJin#LieToMe

Let’s be careful. Walls have ears. -AhJung #LieToMe

Does complexity solve anything? Since I started this issue, I should put an end to it. -AhJung #LieToMe

If people didn’t know better, they’d think I was bitten by a snake. -SangHee #LieToMe

Whenever I ignore my brain and act impulsively, there’s always trouble. -AhJung #LieToMe

Sometimes, I don’t use my head to think. I use my heart, instead. And this time, mischief ensued. -AhJung #LieToMe

There’re times when u have to be cruel. It may seem unforgivable, but sometimes, being cruel’s actually more humane. -ManagerPark#LieToMe

Don’t look at people like they’re fools. I don’t want to be misunderstood and I don’t want to be a fool again. -AhJung #LieToMe

Your self-esteem has never been hurt before, right? Don’t be so full of yourself then. -AhJung #LieToMe

My mind is very clear, but my heart is unable to understand. -AhJung#LieToMe

No matter how much the world may change, it’s a given rule that a woman must not lose out. -ParkHoon #LieToMe

Most people will change, whether it’s for the good or bad. -AhJung#LieToMe

It’s not because I like him. I’m just disappointed. Disappointed in love. -AhJung #LieToMe

Sometimes we’re meant to fall in love with someone we shouldn’t love or break up with someone we can’t break up with. -KiJoon #LieToMe

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49 Days

Crying.. Do you think crying with tears is really crying? -Scheduler- #49DaysQuotes

If you love someone so much, even if you had misunderstood, you wouldn’t explain. -JiHyun #49DaysQuotes

I waited 5 years to meet u. To tell u that I loved u, that I never for 1 moment had feelings for anyone else. -YiSoo #49DaysQuotes

Starting from now, I won’t love you. Because I didn’t want to leave you with only hurt. -YiSoo #49DaysQuotes

You know now how precious you were to me. You weren’t thrown away, you were the most important person to me. -YiSoo#49DaysQuotes

If it were me, if I knew my days were limited. I’d want to see that person’s face even more, to love him more. -YiKyung#49DaysQuotes

I have to let you go to be happy in the next life. If you’re unhappy, my heart twists and I won’t rest easy. -YiSoo #49DaysQuotes

This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday. -JiHyun #49DaysQuotes

Bcoz of love, you’d rather let the misunderstandings persist. It’s a way to let the person u love feel less miserable. -JiHyun #49DaysQuotes

I’m very happy to be born as your daughter. I’m very happy to be born as your daughter. I’m living my life happily. -JiHyun#49daysQuotes

The human heart is fickle. There’s no such thing as permanence. -Scheduler #49DaysQuotes

Time will answer everything. -HanKang #49DaysQuotes

It’s very painful to hide feelings. -HanKang #49DaysQuotes

Dont let your love for me causes you to suffer. -MinHo #49daysQuotes

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Playful Kiss / Naughty Kiss

A coward may die many times, but a brave man dies only once. If I die for you, I won’t consider it death but love. -HaNi’s dream #PKquotes

Even if he’s cold toward me, even he says things I dont like..it was nice just being with him. -HaNi- #PKquotes

You like me, you cant like anyone but me..Dont say that you like another guy. -SeungJo- #PKquotes

My dream’s simple..and does whatever it pleases. I’m just moving in the direction of Seung Jo who’s at the center of it.. -HaNi- #PKquotes

You’re cute. Every now and then. There’re also times when you’re beautiful. From time to time. But..Why do I like you? -SeungJo-#PKquotes

You’re not that pretty and you’re only cute now and then. Why would I always miss you? You…What did you do to me? -SeungJo-#PKquotes

Oh Ha Ni was really difficult. It was like solving a problem with no answer. -SeungJo- #PKquotes

I was always so happy with our mornings spent together. -HaNi’s diary#PKquotes

My fallen heart doesn’t know. But I will put effort and pretend that I don’t know. -HaNi’s diary #PKquotes

Ha Ni, who was happily hugging a soft toy in 1 hand & holding a bag with the other, froze the moment she saw me. -SeungJo’s diary#PKquotes

Although I said I would wait for her to come home, I still went off without her. -SeungJo’s diary #PKquotes

I always feel that no matter how much I tell you I like you now, if anything happens, everything will change. -SeungJo’s diary#PKquotes

Because of this kid, I have to listen to all this nagging that I aven’t heard in the past. -SeungJo’s diary #PKquotes

No matter how much effort I put in to forget you. The memory of that one day keeps bursting out & it still hurts -HaNi’s diary #PKquotes

The one next to you is a much better person than I am. Because she is a person that is similar to you. -HaNi’s diary #PKquotes

Forgetting you is this hard. I think I may just have to like you. -HaNi’s diary #PKquotes

I’m amazed that in her heart she’s willing to die to protect, with a kind of passion that feels heavy. -SeungJo’s diary #PKquotes

When we meet & act as if we don’t know each other…it feels like something is holding tight to my heart. -SeungJo’s diary #PKquotes

No matter how unfriendly you are you have always listened to my requests. Your kindness is always saving me. -HaNi’s diary#PKquotes

With you I haven’t slept for a couple days. It was so tiresome. But just hearing those words make it all worth it.. -HaNi’s dairy #PKquotes

She’s been through growing up without a mother & makes my heart heart all of a sudden. -SeungJo’s dairy #PKquotes

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Boys Before Flower

The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body -JanDi- #BBFquotes

Since I was with you for one whole night, tell them that I’d take responsibility of you -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

Just once…tell me that you like me. Then all of this will be over -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

If everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist? -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

U do this everytime. Whenever I try to get closer, U trample my heart like it’s nothing. Do I still mean so little to U? -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose -JanDi-#BBFquotes

Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. -JanDi- #BBFquotes

Throw away your misconception that all good girls want nice guys. -GaEul- #BBFquotes

I like you. No matter how hard I try not to like you, no matter how hard I try to erase you  my efforts are so fruitless to the extent that I get angered by it -JanDi- #BBFquotes

I cant promise her anything now. I cant tell her I’ll always make her laugh, that I’ll make her happy or to trust in me. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I don’t know when it started either. But now, I can’t be without you. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

I’d thought that it might be better to send her to U rather than stay with her when I make things so difficult for her. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

After meeting you, there’s only been one thing I wish for… for you to be happy and not cry anymore. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

There’s already someone I love. She’s the first in my life and for the rest of my life, she’ll be the only one. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I stepped back as a friend..I gave up because she was my friend’s girlfriend. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate..although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists. -YiJung- #BBFquotes

It’s not too late. It would only take one word, if you said that you like me. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose. -JanDi-#BBFquotes

If the person you love is suffering because of you, can you let her go? -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

D’most beautiful encounters’re those with handkerchiefs. They wipe away ur sweat when u’re tired & ur tears when u’re sad -JanDi-#BBFquotes

What’s so hard about love? You simply grab the other’s hand and refuse to let go. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I’ll never be able to forget you Ji Hoo Sunbae. -JanDi- #BBFquotes

I hope u will change ur thinking that commoners’ pride can be bought with money. People’s hearts can’t be bought either. -JanDi-#BBFquotes

Bcoz Jan Di’s the moon that can never leave Jun Pyo the star. Even if something happens, I’ll never let go of this moon. -JunPyo-#BBFquotes

It’s the first girl I loved since I was born. -JunPyo- #BBFquotes

I was going to live my life thinking I didn’t need anyone else…I keep getting greedy. -JiHoo- #BBFquotes

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